Happy Feast of the Epiphany!  Our Wandering Wise Men have been happily searching for the infant Jesus and today they have finally found Him! So I\’m going to give you a round-up of the ADVENTures that our three little seekers have had during the past few weeks.  I did forget to take pictures a few days so you may notice I\’m coming up a few days short. 
On with the search….
I think our little adventures are looking for a faster ride, but I\’m not sure the little iron horse is going to work out. Besides it looks like their old trusty camel is getting upset!
The Wise men searched in the hall closet shelf with no luck. 
My 5 year old though this was hilarious! She laughed and squealed, \”That pink guy is yelling at that blue guy! That\’s funny!\” 
Maybe the baby is in the grapes? Or are the wise men just looking for a juicy dinner?
Yuk, hope they didn\’t eat them, they\’re plastic – then again, so are the wise men! 😉
Maybe He\’s in the kitchen drawer?
It looks like Caspar is going to launch Balthazar!! Oh, that could be bad!
Maybe the infant King is hiding in the basket like Moses! Or not.
The search was so extensive that they even checked the vacuum!
Wow! They had to take off the cloaks for this one! They didn\’t want to get them dirty!
The candy jars are a yummy place to search. 
Look at Caspar\’s caramel house! Wow! 
They searched in our dry erase board marker baskets!
I think Melchior and Caspar are having a light saber battle!
Maybe they need to look at a map?
Our little Caleb liked this one! He was finally able to steal the magnifying glass from someone who didn\’t fight back!
Up the paper rack they go! Look at the team work!
Hey, if the girls are going to let the bags of beads lay out  then the wise men are going to use the opportunity to search the bags for the Infant King! I think Caspar is enjoying a bead bath! 
What a royal looking chandelier, maybe the little King is up there!?
Okay time to use a \”life-line\”. So they called all the \”Starrs\” in the phone book. Again, no luck.
Maybe the infant King was swept up? 
Look between the broom bristles!
Dad was working on the broken dinning room wall and left the tool bag out! Perfect time to search it! 
Nope, he\’s not there ether!  
Perhaps He\’s in the stationary drawers? What a interesting little mess of stuff, but no baby!
Now they are getting somewhere! They are searching the Little Town of Bethlehem! 
(My husband bought this Bethlehem set for me many years ago. These sets are expensive and hard to find now, but Amazon does still have a few: Here  -at a very high price.)
Looks like they are going door to door, and Caspar is hanging high to get a birds eye view! 
Finally! Here He is!  A long adventurous journey has come to a happy end! 
Our kids are so sad to see that the end is here, but we are all very happy so see that our little friends have found what their hearts desired most: Jesus!
Praying you all had a wonderful Christmas Season and will continue to have a faith-filled days through to Jesus\’ baptism (Jan 12)!!
Please pray for me.
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