The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord is an extra special day at our house. Not only is it the feast of Our Lord’s Baptism, it is also the anniversary of our son Joshua’s baptism. He shares this special day with Our Lord. Eleven years ago, we told my husband’s uncle, who is a deacon, that we wanted to have our newborn baby boy baptized on the first available Sunday. And the first available Sunday happened to be Jan. 12 the feast of Our Lord’s Baptism. We thought that was wonderful, especially since Joshua was one day shy of celebrating the same birthday as Jesus! 🙂
Here at our house we celebrate baptism anniversaries like birthdays – but without the gifts. After all, the day we were “born” into God’s family is a VERY important day! So we had a party to celebrate Jesus’ baptism, as well as, Joshua’s.
When we celebrate the kids’ Baptism Anniversaries, we don’t have lit candles on a cake like you would on a birthday cake. Instead we have the kids light a votive candle at Church.
So this morning, Joshua lit his own little candle after Mass.
 It’s a simple family tradition, but if our children’s Baptism Anniversaries don’t fall on a Sunday, we just have the child light the candle on the Sunday closest to the Baptism Anniversary. I’d prefer to go to daily  Mass on that special day so they can light the candle, but sadly life is often too crazy and we can’t get to weekday Mass.
Later, at home, we had a small party. My oldest daughter made cupcakes and I made the decorations. Elizabeth and Rebekah helped to decorate. And it all looked so sweet!
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It’s free.
For best results I recommend printing these onto photo paper.
The images made very nice cupcake toppers and party decorations!
Just print the PDF out, cut out the images, and tape them to strips of ribbon to make decorations. Or you can tape them to the top half of toothpicks to create cupcake toppers. They can be stuck in the tops of cheese cubes or sandwiches, too.  It’s so easy and yummy!
Here at our house, cupcakes are a special treat! All the kids love them!
Now if only my 2 year old, Caleb, could figure out the difference between cupcakes and muffins! He just can’t seem to figure out what the difference is between them.  So after having mom correct him time after time he invented his own word: “Cupkins”!!  (That’s a mix between the words “cupcake” and “muffin”.)
Now that was smart, I can’t correct him anymore! And  why would I want to stop him from saying such a cute made-up word!? 🙂
Everyone thinks Caleb’s creativity is sooo cute, but my older kids sure don’t like my cupcake-creativity!
They think I’m crazy for eating my cupcake like this:
I think it’s the best way to eat a cupcake!
First, I rip off the bottom of the cupcake and I place the bottom (up-side-down) on top the icing. That creates a cake sandwich with the icing in the middle. It’s less messy that way. Otherwise, I might look more like Caleb does in the picture above! 🙂
But my teens seem to think that I’m a lunatic for eating cupcakes that way!
Oh, well, I guess I might grow out of it someday! But I didn’t today! 🙂
God bless you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Ha-ha! That is the perfect way to eat a cupcake! It makes me want to bake some, just so that I can try that! :DYour little guy is too cute!I do like the idea of celebrating baptismal anniversaries on Sundays…then daddy's can participate!

  2. Thanks, Hand-Maid with Love, You have to try it! Contrary to what my kids think, it works great! 🙂 Sundays are our celebrating days for many feast days – things are always more fun with Dad! (3)

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