My kids and I pray the morning offering every morning. I love this prayer. It starts out the day giving everything to God. It makes our every action (if done in a complaint-free manor) into a sacrifice that can help us and those around us. What an amazing offering we can give to God when we pray this each day!
 Once in awhile I like to make sure I talk to my kids about the words of the prayer. I want to be sure they are thinking about the prayer and the words they are saying. So I went over this prayer and the words with my kids again. I made a similar craft for my older kids a few years ago and I wanted to make this craft again with my younger kids. 
This project can be as fancy or as simple as the child and you wish. 
  • copies of prayer and pictures from attached pages ~ Click Here
  • a piece of construction paper or patterned paper (your favorite colors)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • other craft decorations such as glitter, sequins, artificial flowers, other scraps of paper, or any other decorative items you may like to add to dress it up. (all are optional)
Note: The PDF download includes a colored version, a black and white version and a simple coloring page version. This PDF download is available for FREE from our shop!
Cut out and glue the prayer and sun to the sheet of construction paper/patterned paper. – If you chose the black and white version you may wish to color the pictures first. Cut out all the pictures. Glue the pictures to the sides along the prayer. (see sample pictures) Decorate with glitter or any other items you wish, if desired. And your done!
Now hang the banner in a spot that will help you remember to say your morning prayers each day!


  1. I love this idea! I think a way that we'd use it best would be to color and laminate it. Then we can use it as a place mat and pray this prayer before breakfast each morning. Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂 God bless. Jessica

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing Jessica.

  3. Thank you for sharing another wonderful project!

  4. Thanks, Jennifer – this is a great project for kids! I ask my daughter if she did her Morning Offering all the time and this would be a good reminder!

  5. Hello! thank you for these printables! unfortunately for the two black and white files a thick black line covers part of the text. this is in the file itself not a problem with my printer!

  6. Hi! When you open the file does the text have a square decorative box around it? I'm wondering if your computer is interpenetrating the texts different then mine. If that decorative box is missing I can fix that (I think). If the decorative box is there and you are still getting the black line, than I have no clue what the problem is…. Did you try to refresh the page after you loaded it. Sometimes that can help a glitch.

  7. I have not been able to long onto the membership area for days 🙁 I want to print this and I can't get into it.

  8. Hi Anonymous, I'm beginning to think that my bandwidth is used up on the Members area. Sorry for your trouble…. Email me ( and I'll send you a direct link to the file. God bless.

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