We have a Winner!! Well, actually we have 21 winners!!

(Please, forgive the bad humor in this post.)
Each of these 21 winners will receive one of the prizes from the Catholic Bloggers Birthday Giveaway!. All the winners have been emailed…so if one of these names looks like yours…check your inbox (and maybe your spam folder)!We need you to reply as soon as possible with the information requested in the email so that we can allocate the prizes, with special consideration to your first and second choice of prize!Please, respond by 9pm on January 28, 2014.Okay on with the good news for the 21 people who won.(Sorry for the bad new to the rest of you.) Drum-roll please…

Like that drum? I was about to add this picture:
Wrong drumstick!!

Sorry, I think it\’s this \”high-fiber; no-sugar\” diet that my doctor put me on! It\’s having adverse affects on my brain!!

Okay, back to the winners!
Congratulations to…..
  • A. Faber
  • M. Koralewski
  • M. Natores
  • C. Weitzel
  • B.M. Harrell
  • E. Brana
  • L. Jasmin
  • A. Durocher
  • M. Reyna
  • M. Oberle
  • R. Longwell
  • M. Roy
  • C. Sconochini
  • A. Good
  • D. Harre
  • T.D. Masters
  • S. Patterson
  • A.D. Hilker
  • Ryan
  • J.J. Ramirez
  • A. O\’Donoughue      

 Congratulations again to the winners of the Catholic Bloggers Birthday Giveaway!As for all those who didn\’t win, you deserve a nice slice of chocolate cake!!
Eat one for me, too!! 

Actually, I\’m not typically a big sweets eater, but I have to say I really miss my daily dose of dark chocolate with my evening tea! It\’s been over two weeks since I stopped with my normal diet and it\’s not done what the doctors were hoping anyway. As of yesterday\’s check-up, I\’m actually worse. So, please, say a quick prayer for me.  I have an odd lump and pain in my left side (near my hip) and they are still trying to figure out what it is. Thank you for any prayers.
Have a blessed day!~Jennifer

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