I wanted to share a child’s responsibility chart that I made for my younger kids. It’s not exactly “Catholic” except for the prayer section, but since I feel prayer is the most important part of this chart I thought some of my fellow Catholic moms might like to see and maybe even use it.

Yes, I called it a responsibility chart, but you could also call it a chore chart. Personally, I think the word “chore” sounds so unfriendly compared to “responsibility”, but you are welcome to call it a “chore chart” if you want! 😉
If you think that name change was bad, you should hear some of the titles we say to replace the word “school”!! My kids grumbled at me one day when I said “Time for school.” So to make them laugh I started trying to make up titles to use instead of “school”. It made them laugh for a day, not so much anymore. What do you think of these new titles for school? – “Learning Love”, “Brain Juice”, “Mental Enhancement”, “Educational Play” and my personal favorite, “Anti-Starvation Preparation” (That one is referring to getting a job when they are older so they can buy food.).
Sorry for the tangent, back to the chartI tried to make this chart usable for kids who are not able to read. So I have a picture for each section to help remind the kids what they should do. That way they don’t need to ask me to read it each time they look at it. The chart includes: combing hair, making bed, brushing teeth, praying, general clean-up and much more! I also have listed “Read with reading buddy.” which is just a reminder to have my older kids read with the younger kids. My kids each have a “reading buddy” – that makes things a little easier on me. But if you only have young kids then mom, dad, and/or grandma can be the child’s “reading buddy”.As for the school section on the chart, (Yes, I titled it “school” not “Educational Play”) I have extra charts just for school subjects that the kids refer to. The younger kids’ school chart includes simple concepts like colors and letters, while the older kids’ charts have more advanced topics like reading and math.  I have already posted about the daily logs which my oldest children use here.

I laminated these for my kids, one for each -except my older kids. Yes, of course, I expect my older kids to comb their hair, pick up their toys, etc. – I just didn’t make them a chart for it! Although some days I think I need to! 😉
After the chart was laminated I added magnets to the back so we could hang them on the fridge! That works really well for us! We use a dry erase marker to check off what they have completed each day. Download it on our download shop

Dry erase marker typically wipes off easily, but if your laminated sheets begin to get messy looking from the dry erase markers, just use a napkin and a few drops of rubbing alcohol to wipe the sheet off. That will normally make it look almost like new!
Personal Update: SHOCKING NEWS! I did get to the doctor to get the test results about the lump/cyst which they removed last week. I’m not sure if the news is good or bad, but it was NOT something I wanted to hear. I have endometreosis! I was truly shocked! Well, it could be a lot worse, but sadly, my pain is not going away anytime soon. It looks like I’ll just need to figure out a how to live with it.
Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, comments, emails, and support! It has been so nice knowing I have such a great group of people praying for me and supporting me on this journey.
Thank you, again.


  1. God has his reasons that's for sure. I clicked through for the chart and read your personal update. I have endometriosis to and have for years. 15 diagnosed. Wow. If you have any questions, need support – from medication, surgery options, coping…I'm here! And now to print that chart. Praying for you!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the endometriosis, Jennifer. I struggled with this for many years. Unfortunately, it interfered with my fertility, but thanks be to God I was blessed with Michaela though it took us nine years of praying! I have to admit that endometriosis is painful though. I am praying for you.

  3. Hi Mary, I knew you had something, because of a reference you made in one of your past posts, I didn't know it was Endo! I'm so sorry. I'm just in shock that I was able to have 9 kids (12 pregnancies). I know God has a plan, but I'm still scratching my head and feeling very blessed! I think all my babies are miracles. Not that it's a new feeling, but it's just more obvious in light of this!Thank you so much for the prayers, Mary. I'll be praying for you, too.

  4. Hi Cristina, Thank you so much!! I'm feeling very overwhelmed about all this! It's wonderful to see so many wonderful women willing to help! Thank you so much! And thank you for your prayers as well! Sending prayers for you, too! God Bless!

  5. These are wonderful. Thank you for your sharing them with us. We will pray for you and your family. Many Blessings to you.

  6. Jennifer.. I am not sure if its my computer but I can't download the chart. Is there another way of getting them? Thanks for your help! Cecilia

  7. Hi Cecilia, Do you mean you can't open the page or do you mean you can't download it onto your computer? Sometimes the settings on your computer's browser will not allow for things like that. If you need, email me and I'll send the file to you in a response. Have a blessed day!

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