Lacy at Catholic Icing shared a few copies of her books with me and asked me for my thoughts in a review. If you don\’t know about Lacy\’s books I encourage you to check them out on her blog.

First I\’d like to talk about her Mass books. A Picture Book of the Mass (Illustrated by the Masters!)

I\’m an art lover so with the words \”Illustrated by the Masters\” written on the cover these books sparked my interest right away. I just wanted to dive in and take a look! This book includes the many parts of the Mass – prayers and responses – for the English Mass. Sorry to those who attend the beautiful Latin Mass, but perhaps Lacy will create a Latin version and include all of these beautiful images! 😉  Lacy has surely taken her time in putting together the different versions of the Ordinary Mass and she has included a few of them in this book. The beautiful works of art have been perfectly placed to coincide with the prayers that are being said. Because I have a large variety of kids in my family I saw how well the book worked for many different ages of children. Obviously, the words of the Mass can be a bit overwhelming to kids who are learning to read, but the images are definitely interesting to those who have a hard time reading. My older kids (10 and up) liked the books and used them to follow along with the Mass. My younger kids (7 and down) just liked the pictures and followed along with my help. Even my teens thought the book was a great tools to help them to stay focused on the Mass. All in all this is a great book if you are looking for something to help you follow along with the Mass. So check it out at Lacy\’s blog to read more about it! {Click Here}While you are there, you may like to check out Lacy\’s other book:Catholic ABC’s

This cute little \”cupcake-of-a-book\” is filled with lots of great hands-on projects for preschoolers! Lacy guides you through the alphabet in a fun Catholic way. She has included many of her kid-friendly crafts in this book and organized it so you can teach the alphabet letters and the Catholic faith as you work through it. Many of these cute projects do require prep-time, supplies to buy, and a chunk of time to make them, so if you are very busy mom who is struggling to find time to work with your preschooler you may find this book over-whelming BUT this book would have been my BEST FRIEND when I had only two young kids and was desperately looking for things to do with them to keep them quiet, happy, and entertained. If you are a mother of a young child and are looking to find something new to do with your preschooler I do recommend this book.  Lacy really did an awesome job designing this book and it\’s very well organized, so it is easy to work through. If you are looking for fun and creative projects to do with your Catholic preschooler, this is it! {Click Here}Head over to Catholic Icing to read more about both of these great books.Thanks, Lacy, for sharing your time and talents with all of us.God bless you all!~Jennifer

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