For almost 10 years my kids have been enjoying a CD called \”Kids Sing for Jesus\” by the Renna\’s. This adorable Catholic CD is full of fun and learning for Catholic kids. My teen girls, who were only about 5 when I bought this CD, still sing these songs! And their younger siblings are enjoying these cute songs today! I sure got my money\’s worth out of that CD! 🙂

The Renna\’s, who sing the songs on this CD, are a beautiful Catholic family!  Mary Ann the mother of this talented family, started creating these songs to help a teacher teach a group of Catholic kids about the faith, and the idea just grew from there! The music is not only sung by the mother of the family but also the kids of the family (who are now much older). I found the story behind this family to be cute and worth reading, click here to read more (scroll to the bottom of the page -look for the music note on the left-side). The Renna\’s also have a web page here

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on this CD, because I thought some of you would enjoy this as much as our family has! Perhaps you\’d like to purchase one for an Easter basket! It would also be great a CD for a CCD/RE/religion class, Bible camp, homeschool family, Christmas, or any occasion! 
You can visit their site to hear a short clip from the songs on this CD {Click Here} Click on the little symbols beside the song titles. Then you can decide for yourself if you think you and your kids would like these songs. -My kids sure do enjoy them! 🙂 
I hope your kids enjoy them, too!

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  1. I just found your site and am having a wonderful time looking through everything. I wish I were more adept on the computer but am still amazed at what I have found….so many treasures on this site!

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