Hi Everyone! I LOVE May! It’s so beautiful! The flowers, the trees, the sunshine and NO snow to shovel!! It’s just so nice! Aside from being a beautiful month it’s also the month that God placed me into the arms of my mother, and it’s the month that God adopted me as His daughter! Yes, I love May! One of the best parts of May are all the Marian events, because May is Mary’s month!
A few years ago, my daughters (all 6 of them) and I decided Mother’s Day was a perfect day to have a fun little tea party in honor of our special mother, Mary. We called it, “Tea with the Blessed Mother”. While we like to do a few small things for most of the Liturgical Year’s Feast days, we often like to make our “Tea with the Blessed Mother” an extra special party!  We have tea (or hot chocolate for the non-tea-lovers), Marian themed treats, Marian crafts, we make a BIG Mary altar, and we have lots and lots of decorations!  We also invite the Grandmothers, too. My girls LOVE it! It’s a fun Mother’s Day event!

If you are planning to have a nice party for Our Lady, here are a few of the things we do. – These are older photos — I wanted to post this two years ago, but as much as I love May, it’s also the busies month for me. I’m wrapping up the school year and getting portfolios ready to send to our evaluator and school district.  So, these ideas and files are ones we have used for several years now, and my girls seem to think of them as family traditions….

The Invitations:
I “send” my girls invitations, they think it’s so neat! The excitement they show is more fun than the actual party! These are the invitations I “sent” to my daughters the past two years….

They are made with a card that I created, an 8 inch paper doily, and some curling ribbon.
I recommend printing these onto stock paper or photo, but regular paper is okay.

A Mary Altar is a MUST! You can’t have a Mothers Day Tea Party without our Most Holy Mother!!

This is our altar from two years ago. It was made using a mosquito canopy, fancy ribbons, strings of pearls, white roses, and large drop gem beads.
Read more and see more pictures HERE.
We also have a little Crowning for Our Lady.
Learn to make a floral crown for Our Lady HERE.
Here are a few “mini altars” that we had sitting around the dining tables and serving tables:
I drew a few teapot and teacup pictures to use as decorations around the dinning room. They looked cute along the streamers and ribbons! The teapot has a small Immaculate Heart on the design!
Here are a few pictures:
The pot and cups are taped on a oblong paper doily and “fun-tacked” to the wall.
The bow is made from purple paper and the teapot and cups were printed onto purple paper.
The decoration in the picture above was created with the teapot/cup download, some tape and curing ribbon. I taped about 6 to 8 strands of ribbon to the teapot spout (on the back) and taped the cups to some of the ribbon strands. My girls added the “tea” color to the cups with a colored pencil.
The colored teapots and cups above were simply printed on to colored paper.
These cups may make great place-cards, too!

I took all these pictures from the leftovers we had from last year. I hope to have nicer pictures after our party next Sunday. But I wanted to get this out so those who wanted to use them would have the chance to use them this May.

Marian Crafts:
Check out all the post about Our Lady HERE
Marian-Inspired Treats:

Lourdes Chocolate Grotto
Peanut Butter Fudge Crowns
I’m sure Catholic Cuisine has LOTS of other food ideas, too!

My girls and I are looking forward to our Mother’s Day tea party with Our Mother Mary!
I hope all these ideas help you to share the love of Our Lady!
Have a blessed May!


  1. Just beautiful Jennifer! Love it all! Maybe one day I'll do this with my own daughters! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely terrific ideas — love the way you presented them here!Thanks for sharing!

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