Hi everyone,
Have you heard about the Marian Card Swap from  Pondered in my Heart? This is a neat and fun activity which Kimberlee has hosted 4 times in the past. Four of my girls joined in the card swap a few years ago — See the cards they made and received here.

A few cards from the 2011 card swap. 

About the Marian Card Swap (in a nut shell):
It\’s open to all ages. Create 5 mini pictures (2.5 x 3.5 inches) of Our Blessed Mother and mail them to Kimberlee along with a self addressed stamped envelop. She will send you cards from others who are participating. Your cards will be swapped with others of the same age/ability. They must be postmarked by May 31. Be sure to let Kimberlee know you are joining in – Click Here
No matter your age, you may enjoy this wonderful art-filled way to honor Our Lady.

Because of my recent computer problems, I heard about this a little late, so I don\’t have pictures of the cards my girls are making yet (The ones pictured above are from 2011). But I wanted to quickly post about this event and spread the word so you and your kids have as much time as possible to create your mini works of art. My girls had a lot of fun last time and I\’m sure they will again! If you are interested please visit Pondered in my Heart to read all the details of the swap and let Kimberlee know you are joining in!

God bless,

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