I grew up a farmer\’s daughter. My family moved onto a 60 acre farm when I was only 3 weeks old (not that I remember). My father was a hard working man who worked 2 full time jobs – as a farmer and an electrician. He needed both jobs so he could afford to put his 5 kids into a Catholic school. That old farm was the only place I lived and loved for the first 14 years of my life. The Gettysburg Civil War era farm house was always in need of repair, but it felt like home. 

When I turned 14 years old my father made a smart, life-changing decision.  He decided to give up farming and to focus on being an electrician and a dad. The only problem was selling the farm. Sadly, selling a farm is never easy. After all, most people are not interested in working a farm, especially a 60 acre farm with over 2,000 turkeys and 30 cows. The realtor said it could be many years before a buyer would show interest. That information was heartbreaking to our family. If you have ever decided to move or sell a house you might understand how upsetting it can be to hear that you may need to wait several years before being able to finally move. 

After hearing the news, we put our trust in St. Joseph. We prayed each night for St. Joseph\’s intersection. To make our prayers feel more special, my mom placed our 18 inch tall St. Joseph\’s statue in a prominent spot in the front window of our old house. To the shock of the realtor and us, we sold the farm in less than 3 months! The 60 acre turkey farm was bought by a lovely young couple who were just married. In fact, they are still there today – 23 years later. (Now you have enough information to calculate my age!)

Yes it was a shock and an obvious blessing from God. But what happened next only made this everyday miracle even more interesting. When the big moving day came, lots of relatives (who owned trucks), came to help us move. In all the shuffle of packing boxes and loading trucks, the large St. Joseph statue sitting in the front window was respectfully over-looked and left to be packed till last. 

The caravan of trucks was about to head down the road, so I climbed into the font seat of my dad\’s truck. As I waited anxiously to get going, my mom handed me the statue. I held St. Joseph on my lap as the parade of trucks drove toward the new house. Around each curve and over each bump I held him and protected him, till we pulled into the driveway of the new house.  My dad opened the truck door and took the statue from me so I could climb out of the truck. Then, he turned around, opened the door to our new house, and walked in holding the statue which was now cradled in his arm. He placed St. Joseph on the kitchen counter – right in the heart of the house. 

The awesomeness of that moment didn\’t dawn on us till later in the day. It seemed so fitting that the St. Joseph statue was the first item to enter the new house. After all it was St. Joesph, our intercessor in heaven, who helped to make the move possible! Our family has had a deep devotion to St. Joseph since that day. We have had many everyday miracles occur because of his intercession, but his intercession in buying and selling homes has been the most relevant in our everyday lives. My husband and I have bought and sold houses 3 times since we have been married. Each time we prayed to St. Joseph for help, and each time we were totally amazed at how quickly our houses sold.  

If you are selling or planning to sell your home, pray to St. Joseph. He may or may not be able to help (God has a reason for all things), but I\’m sure he will help if he can.

About St. Joseph Home Selling Kits 
You may have heard about the St. Joseph home selling kits. Some of those kits bother me. They tell you to bury a St Joseph statue upside-down in the ground till he finds you a buyer. The prayer that accompanies this kit states: \”…I am going to place you (St. Joseph) in a difficult position with your head in darkness and you will suffer as our Lord suffered, until this [house/property] is sold…\” — Yikes! I don\’t know about you all, but that seems very superstitious, strange, and downright disrespectful!

Placing the statue in a place of honor worked perfectly for my parents, as well as, my husband and I. You don\’t need to bury the statue. St. Joseph – in heaven- will hear your prayer whether or not a statue of him is buried in the ground. After all, the most important part of asking St. Joseph for his intersession is PRAYER!!  But if you feel you should do some thing with a statue, that\’s okay – after all, it is a physical way of praying and that\’s good – *but* I recommend creating a special place of honor for the statue (as you would the real saint.). It is a more respectful way of asking for help. 

Once your home sells be sure to hold St. Joseph in a place of honor in your new home, too. Maybe make plans that a statue of him is the first item to enter the new home and plan a special family event to thank this wonderful saint for his help! 

All those who are selling a home, take heart. I\’m sure St. Joseph will do his best. So, pray, pray, pray!
May God bless you and all those who live with you in your home. ~Jennifer

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Did you have a home selling experience that you\’d like to share?
How do you feel about burying a St. Joseph statue?
How has St. Joseph interceded for you?
How do you honor St. Joseph in your home?

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  1. I have also always felt that the St. Joseph home selling kits were a big scam and disrespectful. I was shocked to find some available to buy at my parish! It doesn't seem like something my priest would agree with. We've never sold a home before, but our own home is becoming a big headache for us. It is getting a bit cramped for our growing family, but needs a lot of major repairs. Please, St. Joseph, help us make the right decisions about our home.

  2. Hi Catie, I don't think many Catholic people have actually opened one of those boxes and read what they say in the instructions. It's sad. Many non-religious people use it as a good-luck-charm when selling. I even heard a man admit to breaking the statue in two when his home didn't sell. I'm a big believer that moving is the right choice if both the husband and wife are in total agreement that it's for the best of the family. Otherwise, things just don't seem to work out. I'll pray that God will give both of you eyes to see what is best.

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