St. Kateri Tekakwitha is a new saint who\’s feast day is July 14th. Elizabeth had a hard time coming up with a symbol for this beautiful saint. So I helped with the design. 
To create this ornament, we used dark brown felt, off-white felt, a black permanent sharpie marker, thread, small Indian beads, and glue. (We used hot glue, but high quality craft glue will work.) 
Two strips of brown felt formed a cross and two feather shapes with black marker detailing were the decoration on the cross. We glued all the parts together. Then, using thread, we made a few beaded dangles and threaded them onto the feathers.
To give the feathers more of a feather look we cut slits in the sides. Just don\’t cut all the way through! 
It\’s just a small tribute to such a wonderful saint!
St. Kateri, pray for us!
Till later,

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