The second ornament Elizabeth and I made was for the feast of St. Benedict, whos feast day is celebrated on July 11 (in the NEW calendar). His traditional feast is March 21.  Scholastica\’s feast day is celebrated on Feb 10.  These two saints are twins, so we just kept them together. 
This ornament was made with maroon and off-white felt, black and brown permanent sharpie markers, half of a gold pipe cleaner, and a small plastic dove (optional). All the parts were glued together. Hot glue or a good quality craft glue will work. (I prefer the hot glue – it lasts longer and it\’s quicker.)
The book was decorated with the brown and black markers. Dots were all that was needed to make the \”writing\” on the book. Marker details add a lot! The dove was a nice touch, but not necessary. The dove is really the symbol for St. Scholastica – not so much St. Benedict. 
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God Bless.

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