St. Christopher was a very large and strong man. In his kindness he often would carry pilgrims (travelers on a religious journey) across a river. One day a child asked to be taken across. St. Christopher was happy to help. He placed the child on his shoulder and carried him across the river. The child became heavier and heavier, till the weight became almost too much to hold. Then he realized it was Christ – the Lord of the world- that he carried. (Christopher means \”Christ-carrier\”). Read more about St. Christopher – here
St. Christopher\’s ornament includes two symbols: one for St. Christopher and one for the Lord of the World. St. Christopher is represented with a travelers staff  and sack. Our Lord is represented in the image of the world with the triumphant cross. 

We used dark brown, off-white, light brown, and light blue felt to create this ornament. We used a light blue marker, a green marker, and a brown marker to make the world with the triumphant cross. Brown marker was used on the sack, too. All the parts were glued onto an off-white oval-ish shape so they could be hung on the liturgical tree. 

St. Christopher shared his feast day (July 25th) with St. James the Greater.
Click here to see the post about St. James the Greater.

St. Christopher, pray for us.
Have a blessed day!

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