Sts. Anne and Joachim are remembered and honored on July 26th in the new Catholic calender (Traditionally – July 26th for Anne and Aug. 16th for Joachim). While we don\’t know much about these two saints, we do know that they were blessed to the the parents of an amazing woman – Mary the Mother of God. How special was this couple that God allowed them to conceive a baby with no original sin!? Wow! What a blessing!
St. Anne and St. Joachim, were the first teachers of Our Blessed Mother, so my daughter, Elizabeth, and I decided to use a book for one of the symbols. Because Anne would have also taught Mary how to keep house, cook, and make clothes, we use a spool of thread as another symbol.

We used maroon, light blue, light brown and white felt to make this ornament.
 The book was make with a larger maroon rectangle shape which was folded in half. We added  three smaller, white, rectangle shapes inside the folded maroon rectangle to form the pages. It was all hot glued at the \”binding\”. 
The spool was a light brown spool shape and a few small strips of light blue to make the \”thread\”. The spool was glued onto the book.
The above picture has a better view of the spool of thread. 
Sts. Anne and Joachim, pray for us.
God bless you all.
~Jennifer & crafting buddy, Elizabeth 🙂 

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