St. Ignatius of Loyola\’s feast day is July 31 (in the new and traditional calendars). St. Ignatius was a solder, but while he was recovering from a cannonball wound he began to read about Jesus and the saints. He soon devoted his life to Jesus. He, along with St. Francis Xavier and a few others, founded the Jesuits.  Read more about him HERE and HERE
Because IHS is often associated with St. Ignatius and the Jesuits, Elizabeth and I decided to make that the main point in our ornament. If you are wondering what IHS means, it\’s the name “Jesus” in Greek. Jesus is written ιησους in original Greek and is transliterated as “ihsous” and pronounced iēsous. 
This ornament was created with white and yellow felt. Red permanent marker was used to make the IHS and orange permanent marker was used to decorate the yellow rays. 

St. Ignatius, pray for us!
Have a blessed last day of July!

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