Our Lady of Snows feast day is Aug 5 – AKA: St. Mary Major. You can read about OL of Snows in one of our past post HERE. You can also read about OL of Snows HERE and HERE.  A few summers ago, my kids and I had snow-much fun playing in the \”snow\”. Click here to see our other Our Lady of Snow arts and crafts. One of those crafts, the crystal snowflake, might have been a cute and fun way to make a snowflake ornament, but the crystals on those snowflakes only last for about a year. So Elizabeth and I decided to make a snowflake out of felt so we could use it every year.
You will need white and light blue felt. If you have white felt with glitter now would be a great time to use it!
To create this ornament we cut out a circle from the white felt. 
We folded it and snipped out several larger and smaller holes as we worked our way around the whole circle. If you try to cut it like you would a paper snowflake it can be difficult because the felt is so thick. So we just cut small areas at a time. It\’s not perfectly symmetrical, but it looks cute! 
After the snowflake was cut, we added a light blue felt \”M\” for Mary! 🙂 After all it is Mary\’s snowflake! 
It was a cute addition to our Liturgical tree!
Our Lady of Snows, pray for us!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth 

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