Elizabeth and I made a lot of ornaments this past week. I know that this volume of ornaments in a weeks time will not last. We have more free time now since we are taking a school break this summer, but once we get going with school again, I\’m sure these ornaments will be fewer in number each week. I hope to start school soon but, unfortunately, I will be going to the hospital for surgery – AGAIN! I sure hope this is the last time. On the feast of Our Lady\’s Coronation (Aug, 22) I will be getting my last ovary removed in the hopes to better control my pain from my Endometriosis. Please say a little prayer for me. The surgery is not anything major, but the idea of menopause hitting me just as I start the school year has me a bit worried. 

Well, enough about me, here are the new Liturgical Ornaments for Aug. 4th to Aug. 11th.

Thank you for any prayers and I hope you enjoy the ornaments for this week! 
God Bless.
~Jennifer And Elizabeth (my crafting buddy)

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