Making an ornament for the feast of the Blessed Mother\’s Assumption into Heaven (Aug 15) was an interesting task. So far we have not made people, just symbols, so we have taken a bit of a turn on this one. We kind-of made Jesus for the Transfiguration, but this one is more \”real\”. Personally, I think it turned out to be very cute!

I\’ll try to explain what we did: Elizabeth cut out all the little parts (except the hair, which I did) We have a body (a triangle with the top cut off) and two rectangle arms, which are cut from medium blue felt. We also have a head and hands, cut from tan felt. Mary\’s veil is light blue felt; one part is a half-oval for behind her head and the other is a \”U\” shape for in fount of her hair. Her hair is dark brown and it\’s a \”U\” shape with a hair-like look. There is also 3 puffy-looking clouds and a yellow halo (not pictured).

First, we glued the head to the body. Next, we glued the arms to the back of the body so they look like Mary has them raised to Heaven. We added the hands to the arms – gluing them to the back of the arms. Then we added the behind-the-head part of the veil. Next, we added the hair and then the \”U\” shaped veil. Lay the \”U\” shaped veil over top the hair and try to cover only the outer edge of her hair. We tucked the ends of the \”U\” shaped veil behind Mary\’s arms and attached them behind Mary\’s dress.
Now we glued the clouds together and glued Mary onto the clouds. We also added a yellow halo which had a been edged with an orange permanent marker.
To make it even more special we added silver glitter glue to the cloud edges and gold glitter glue to her halo.
Oh, Holy Mother, watch over your children here on Earth and keep us in your loving care. Guide us each day and grant us Grace so we may enter into Heaven with you.
God bless you all.
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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