I never heard of  St. Rocco (aka: St. Roch) till a few years ago when my sister-in-law (May she rest in peace.) asked me to fix and repaint an old broken statue she found at a yard sale. She and I had no idea who the saint was, but after a bit of digging on the world-wide-web we discovered it was St. Rocco.
   I had to make an ornament for him, because I can\’t think of St. Rocco without thinking of my dearly departed sister-in-law. I hope and pray she finally got to meet St. Rocco in person! 🙂 
St. Rocco, was known for his love of others and the way he helped those who where sick during the plague. He eventually became ill himself and secluded himself outside of town so he wouldn\’t be a burden on anyone. Legend says that a dog delivered bread to him each day till he was well again. 
Read more about him HERE and HERE.

His feast day is Aug. 16 – the anniversary of his death in prison.

St. Roch\’s ornament depicts a dog and a loaf of bread.
This was very easy to make and just too cute!
The dog is just three ovals: one larger light brown oval and two smaller dark brown ovals. The light brown oval has two smaller black dots for eyes and one larger black dot for the nose. These dots were made with a permanent sharpie marker.

The bread is an oval that was a little more flat on one of the long sides. We used a brown sharpie marker to add an edge all the way around and a few slashes in the top. These were glued onto a light blue background.

What a cute puppy! 🙂
St. Rocco, pray for us!
Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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  1. My mom's parish as a child and young wife was named after St. Roch. I was even baptized at St. Roch's parish. I never really knew his story though. Thank you.

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