For the Coronation of Mary (Aug. 22 -new calendar), Elizabeth wanted to make a sparkly crown with gems. 
While I\’m sure this isn\’t even close to being as pretty as Mary\’s real crown, it is very sparkly!
To make this Elizabeth first made a crown shape from a gold pipe cleaner. We then glued it onto a scrap piece of yellow felt.  Then we cut out around the pipe cleaner so the yellow was only seen on the inside of the crown shape. 
Now for the fun part!! Elizabeth added glitter glue to the yellow felt. Then she used sequins and star sequins to make the gems on the crown. She also added a little bit of red glitter glue to the bottom!
She was very pleased with her sparkly crown!
♪ ♫ Hail Holy Queen enthroned above….
Have a blessed day!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth
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