St. Monica and St. Augustine were mother and son, so we kept them together. St. Monica, the patron saint of mothers, prayed many, many years for the conversion of her wayward son. Finally, he converted and sang the praises of God to all those he met! At the age of 41 he became bishop of Hippo.  
Read more HERE and HERE. St. Monica\’s feast day is Aug. 27 (new) & May 4 (traditional)  St. Augustine\’s feast day is Aug. 28 (new & trad.)
I have to tell you we had a bit of a time deciding how to do this one. Of course we made a few jokes and said we should make a hippo wearing a bishop\’s miter, since Augustine was the bishop of Hippo, but in the end I think this was a MUCH better idea! St. Monica and St. Augustine are often pictured with a book, so we decided to make a book and add another symbol for each one of them. Because St. Monica is sometimes pictured with flowers we added a flower for her. St. Augustine is often show with a flaming heart which is pierced with an arrow so we added that for him. 

The book is made from maroon and white felt. We added the \”print\” with a black permanent sharpie marker. It\’s just simple dots lined up in rows. We also outlined the pages with a brown sharpie marker.  The flower was made by creating two purple flowers (one larger and one smaller) and a small pink circle. I used a purple marker to outline the flower parts. Augustine\’s heart is red and outlined with a purple marker – yes, purple. The flame is yellow and was outlined with an orange marker. The arrow is dark brown and was slid through a small slit in the heart. All the parts were hot glued together.

St. Monica and St. Augustine, Pray for us!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth
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