Catholic Cultures wed site had a beautiful description of St. Rose that says: \”Rose of Lima, a member of the Third Order of St. Dominic, was the \’first blossom of sanctity that South America gave to the world.\’ Hers was a life heroic in virtue and penance… \” Visit their site to read more about her. You can also visit to read more, too. St. Rose of Lima\’s feast day is Aug. 23 (new) and Aug. 30 (trad.).

Elizabeth and I were going to add roses to a wreath for St. Rose\’s ornament, but decided that it was a bit difficult to make all those little roses. So we made the flowers more simple. 
We cut out pink and purple flowers and arranged them on a green circle/wreath. We glued two strips of dark brown felt into a cross shape and then glued it onto the wreath. Next we added a few green leaves among the flowers.  To make it pop, we added a few drops of silver glitter glue and it turned out to be a sweet ornament to honor St. Rose of Lima.
St. Rose, oh beautiful saint so kind and loving, intercede for us. Ask Our Lord to grant us all that we need to enter into heaven. 
St. Rose of Lima, pray for us!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth
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