Today, I\’m posting all the ornaments that Elizabeth and I made for the remainder of August. I wanted to get them all out before my surgery since I\’m not sure how I\’ll be feeling. (The surgery is on Aug 22 – I need to have my one remaining ovary removed – I\’m 37 and too young for menopause, but I guess some things are God\’s will and out of our control.) Please, say a prayer for me. This is not a major surgery and if all goes well I should be home the same day, but I still hate going. I\’m so nervous about the surgery and menopause! Well, it was nice posting these tonight. It gave me something else to think about!  Maybe my recovery will give me time to finally post all those other things I\’ve been hoping to post! 😉  There is always an up-side to things! 
Aug 18th (traditional)
Aug. 22 (new)
Aug 23 (new) & Aug 30 (traditional)
St. Monica ~ Aug. 27 (new) & May 4 (traditional)
St. Augustine ~ Aug. 28 (new & trad.)
Hope you all a have a blessed day!
And thank you for any prayers.
~Jennifer (and my crafting buddy, Elizabeth)

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  1. I really love these ornaments! It's just the type of thing my kids will grasp on to and enjoy for years to come to help us celebrate the liturgical year. Great idea and thank you so much!

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