Last year my two 4th graders were learning about the Making of the Thirteen Colonies. We were reading Book 2 of “A History of US“. The book included a simple timeline. So I created this timeline page for my kids to use so they could create their own timeline notebook.

Each of the pages includes a section for them to write the topic of the timeline. It also has writing blocks so the kids can write the date and a little about the historical event.
The kids also “finished” drawing the line from the writing blocks to the timeline line which is in the middle of the page.
We placed our timelines in a 3 ring binder and added a cover page to the front of the binder. Then the kids could add a page as they work their way through history!
There are two versions of this timeline. One runs side to side on a vertical page and the other runs side to side on a horizontal page. Each as a cover to match the direction of the pages you choose.
I first made the horizontal timeline page, but the vertical pages seemed to be easier for my kids to understand, as they flip from one page to the next. Choose whichever you like best:
These are great pages to use if you are creating mini biographies of famous people like the saints, and they work well when learning about any topic of history – Church history, US history or world history.
These were great to have last year and I plan to use them again this year as we work through book 3 and 4 in the “A History of US” set.
Hope you are having a great school year!
God Bless.

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