Things have been busy around my house, so I\’m a little late getting the September ornaments out. Since I can\’t post all of the Sept. ornaments today, I\’m just going to quickly post St. Anna the Prophetess, who feast day is historically Sept. 1.

St. Anna the Prophetess was in the temple the day of Jesus Presentation. She was over-joyed to see Jesus and spoke about him to all who were there. (Luke 2:21-38)

St. Anna\’s ornament is a scroll and it reads: \”This child has created Heaven and Earth.\”

It was made using off-white felt, which was cut into a long rectangle (about 1 inch x 3 inches). The outer edge of the rectangle is out-lined with brown permanent marker.  The sentence was added with a black permanent marker. I recommend that you draw the letters by creating dots. Using lots of dots to form the letters will make the letters look cleaner. If you draw the letters as you would on paper they can look fuzzy. Plus, it\’s just easier to write on felt that way! 🙂 
Next, the ends of the rectangle were hot glued and rolled up so they look more like a scroll. 
St. Anna, pray for us!
May our eyes always be open and able to see Jesus in the faces of others.
God Bless.
~Jennifer and my crafting buddy, Elizabeth

Personal Update:
My surgery went well. The doctor was to remove my last remaining ovary in the hopes to end my endometriosis pain. After the surgery, he said my ovary was missing it\’s \”webbing\”. It was hanging loose and bumping into my intestines which had created a hernia. So he fixed the hernia, too. Now the ovary is gone and the hernia is fixed. My doctor thinks I should be feeling great in a few weeks – just about the time I\’ll start having menopause set in. So far things are going wonderfully and I\’m feeling improvement each day! 
Thank you so much for all your prayers! I know they have helped! 

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  1. Absolutely love this, Jen!I do plan to use it at some point, tho I may adapt it for a different feast day, as I don't think we'll study St Anne. (I AM getting better about reading a saint a day and trying to read that saint on his/her feast day, rather than haphazardly!) ..I really like the craft itself!!Jen, I feel terrible, I completely forgot about your surgery! Prayers now, tho belated, for your continued recovery! I've only been on and off FB to share our gofund me effort and to post at Catholic Mom…..I missed news if you shared there.Feel better…I'm so happy things are improving for you!!Thanks for sharing!xoxoxo

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