For the birth of Our Lady (Sept. 8th), Elizabeth and I wanted to make a liturgical ornament that was filled with baby cuteness! So we made a pink baby and to confirm that this isn\’t just any baby girl, we added an Immaculate Heart.

This Immaculate Heart is a little different than the regular Immaculate Heart. We wanted this Immaculate Heart to look baby-like, so we made it pink! We also didn\’t add the sword, since Mary wouldn\’t have had any heart breaking experiences yet.

To create this ornament you will need:

  • Felt: pink, light blue, medium blue, yellow, and light brown/peach
  • Permanent markers: orange, pink, green, and red markers.
  • Glitter Glue: gold, silver, and a little red (optional) 
Cut out the parts as pictured above. Make Mary first and size everything based off of her. You could glue Mary\’s head on top of her blanket-body but it looks nicer if it\’s seen through a hole in the pink blanket.  We used pink and red permanent marker to shade the pink blanket that Mary is \”wrapped\” in. And we used orange marker on the edge of her halo. We also added gold glitter glue to make the halo sparkle. Glue it all together before you add the glitter or add the glitter to the halo and wait for the halo to dry before you glue everything together. (We used hot glue.)
After Baby Mary and all the other parts are glued down, cut out a pink heart and flame. Use the pink permanent sharpie marker to make flowers. Just make 5 or 6 dots in a circle shape and add a yellow dot in the middle area. Then add a few green marker leaves around them. We used a red marker around the edge of the heart. Cut out a yellow flame for the top of the heart. We added gold and red glitter glue to the flame and silver glitter glue around the heart. 
 Personally, I love this ornament! I think it\’s so cute! I hope you like it, too!
Mother Mary, Happy Birthday!!
God Bless,
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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