St. Peter Claver is known as the \”Apostle of the Negroes\”.  St. Peter dedicated himself to the service of the Negro slaves for over thirty-three years. He was devoted to saving the souls of the African slaves and to abolishing the Negro slave trade.  Read more HERE. His feast day is Sept. 9th,  the day after Our Lady\’s Birthday.

The ornament for St. Peter Claver is two hands and a cross. The lighter colored hand is giving the cross to the darker colored hand. This is a symbol of St. Peter giving the Catholic faith to the African people who were forced into slavery. 
The ornament is made with white, peach/tan, medium brown and dark brown felt.
Cut out two hands: one medium brown and one preach/tan. Then cut out two strips from the dark brown felt to form the cross. Glue them onto the white felt square.
We used red, orange, and yellow permanent markers to add some color to the white felt.
This is now hanging on our liturgical tree.
St. Peter Claver, pray for us. May we understand each other and help each other grow closer to God even when we look and/or live differently.
God Bless.
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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