St. John was given the surname Chrysostomos,  meaning \”golden-mouthed\” because he was said to speak with eloquence. He is often considered the most prominent doctor of the Greek Church and known for his beautiful homilies. He was exiled after being falsely accused and later died in exile. Read more HERE and HERE.
 St. John Chrysostom wrote: \”The bee is more honored than other animals, not because it labors, but because it labors for others\”. Bees, work unceasingly for the common good of the hive and obey without question their superiors, and above all their queen…. Finish reading on this idea HERE
His feast day is Sept. 13th in the new calendar and Jan. 27th in the traditional calendar. 
St. John was often pictured with a bee hive, because of his quote about the bees. So for his ornament, Elizabeth and I created a bee hive. 
We used light blue, green, light brown/tan yellow, and white felt. We also used a little purple to add a few tiny flowers. The bee was created with the yellow felt, and we added black stripes and a black head with a black permanent marker. We also used a brown permanent marker to outline the hive. We used a pink permanent marker to create the center of the flowers.
We glued the green \”grass\” to the light blue felt. We also added a few blades of grass before we added the hive. Then we added the bees and then the bee wings. Next we added a few flowers, just to make it look more cute! 
And now you have a cute little bee hive to add to your collection of saint ornaments!
St. John Chrysostom, pray for us. May we find peace in our hearts even when others treat us bad, like you did in your life.
God bless.
~Jennifer and Elizabeth
PS: I skipped Sept. 12th – The Most Holy Name of Mary, but we do have an ornament coming for her feast day… Maybe I can post it tomorrow. 

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