If you would have known Joseph of Cupertino as a boy, you never would have thought he would become a flying saint! He was neglected and unwanted by his mother, so he became very slow,  hot-tempered, and absent minded. As a young man he failed at all the jobs he was given. He was not accepted by the Franciscans, he was turned out by the Capuchins, and so he returned home. His mother was not happy to see him. She managed to get him into the Franciscan monastery as a servant.  During this time Joseph began to change. He began to learn humility, penance, and he worked hard. He was then accepted into the Franciscan order. He struggled with learning but eventually became a priest.
 After his priesthood, he began to perform miracles. He was seen over 70 times rising from the floor while he prayed or said Mass. Sometimes he \”flew\” very high. On one occasion he carried a huge cross through the air to a Calvary group, The cross was thirty-six feet high, but he carried it with ease! Talk about super hero power! 🙂 
After word of his miracles spread, St. Joseph was often kept hidden. But people flocked to talk to him in confession. He converted many people before he died on Sept. 18 1663, at the age of 60.
His feast day is Sept. 18 in the Traditional Calendar.
Read more about him HERE.

Our ornament depicts St. Joseph flying through the air!! 
We used medium brown, peach/tan, yellow and white felt. We cut out the parts as pictured above. We used black permanent marker to make shadows on his robe – to look like he\’s flying.
Then we used brown and black permanent markers to make a face on the circle we cut out for his head. We also added orange to the yellow halo. 
St. Joseph is proof that there is hope for every human being!
We can all change and become true saints!
St. Joseph of Cupertino, pray for us!
God bless you all with joy!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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