St. Jerome was a priest, Doctor of the Church, and translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible (The Latin Bible which was translated from the Hebrew and Aramaic)  His feast day is Sept. 30th (new and traditional calendars) Read about him HERE and HERE.
We created a lion ornament for St. Jerome because he is often depicted with a lion. There is an old story told about him that tells how St. Jerome tamed a lion who\’s paw was injured. After the lion was healed he became more of a pet for the saint. — Is the story true? I\’m not sure, but it\’s a fun story to help kids differentiate him from other saints.
The lion was an easy ornament. We made the lion using only medium brown felt and yellow felt. We used black and brown permanent markers to add detail to the parts. 
St. Jerome. pray for us!
May God bless you all with joy!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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