Normally when I post these liturgical ornaments I do a short quick biography… I\’m never sure if I need to, but it always seemed like I should. Being that today I\’m posting about St. Therese, The Little Flower, I feel odd trying to do her life justice in just a few sentences and because she is so popular I decided I\’m not even going to try!  🙂 
If you want to know more about her \”Google\” it and you\’ll find a wondrous wreath of resources.
If you are looking for a good book about St. Therese my kids love these books:
And this Movie:
St. Therese\’s feast day is Oct. 1 in the new calendar and Oct. 3 in the traditional calendar.
To make this ornament craft you will need:
  • medium blue felt
  • black felt
  • medium brown felt
  • pink felt
  • red felt
  • white felt
  • peach or tan felt
  • scissors 
  • good quality, thick tacky glue or hot glue (I use hot glue)
    Tacky glue like this: HERE and Here You may also like to try Felt Glue
  • thread and needle to make a hanging loop
Step 1: Cut out shapes like these pictured above – using correct colors. (We did add a red long wavy stand which is not pictured.) Be sure the blue felt is bigger than all the other pieces so you have plenty of room to glue Saint Therese onto it.  Also, the black veil and the \”U\” shaped black veil should be the same size. But the \”U\” shaped veil has the center cut out.
Step 2: Glue down the black veil, then add the head and white habit. Don\’t add the \”U\” shaped veil, yet and try not to add glue to the bottom of her chin yet. 
Step 3: Once you have added the head and habit, add the \”U\” shaped black veil to cover the outer edges of the head and habit. 
Step 4: Add the brown half oval shaped body. It will be located below her head with a small space between her chin and the brown body.
Step 5: Now add the white collar. Be sure the top edge is just under her chin. Now glue the collar and her chin down. 
Step 6: Add some leaves to the lower body area. 

Step 7: Roll the long strips into a rose – Cut off any extra which would make the rose too big. Make and glue one at a time. When gluing them make a pool of glue about the size of the rose and then lay the rolled rose into the glue – wavy side up and flat side into the glue. Press the rose into the glue. Do the same with the next two roses. 
Step 8: Cut off the extra blue felt from around the St. Therese figure and roses. 
Step 9: Add a thread loop to hang the ornament. Sew a piece of thread (we used gold) through the top and knot it.  
Step 10: Hang the ornament wherever you like and enjoy!
This would be a great project for a Little Flowers Girls Club, too!
St. Therese, pray for us!
May God Bless you all with Joy!

~Jennifer and Elizabeth 
(Elizabeth, my sweet helper, has loved St. Therese since she was a toddler!)

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  1. I love all your Saint ornaments, especially of my favorite Saint, Saint Therese! This is just so beautiful and wonderful! I really think you have a calling to a new type of business adventure as I could see you mass producing these and selling them 🙂 Have a blessed week!

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