St. Francis of Assisi\’s feast day is Oct. 4th. (new and traditional calendars).  Elizabeth and I made 2 ornaments for his feast day. I\’m going to focus on the more detailed ornament, but I include simple instructions for the easier ornament at the end of this post. So if you want to make the smaller ornament scroll to the bottom of this post. 
Normally, St. Francis needs no introduction, so I\’m going to jump into the ornament instructions.
To make the more detailed ornament you will need:
  • green felt (grass)
  • peach felt (head and hands)
  • medium brown felt (robe)
  • white felt (doves)
  • gray felt (rabbit and squirrel)
  • light blue felt (background)
  • yellow felt (halo)
Permanent Sharpie Markers:
  • orange (halo)
  • black (face and animals and robe)
  • brown (face and animals and robe)
  • red (hands)
You will also need:
  • scissors
  • glue (hot glue, felt glue  or tacky glue – like this or this)
  • thread and a needle (for the looped hanger)
First cut out the parts like those in the picture above. The light blue felt is a larger piece of felt that will serve as the background. Glue down the long strip of green (grass) to the bottom of the light blue felt. Now add black and brown marker detail to the robe. Glue his hands to the back of the robe sleeves and then flip it over and add the red-blood (stigmata) to his hands. Glue the robe (with attached hands) to the blue/green background. 
Add an orange edge to the yellow halo and glue it above the robe. Now decorate the head with brown and black marker (as pictured).  Use a set of dots to make the mouth so the line will have a cleaner look. Then, glue it on top of the halo. (as pictured) 
Now, glue the small strips of green (blades of grass) to the area beside/behind the bottom of his robe. If you wish, add the bunny and squirrel to the ornament. We used brown and black markers to add detail to the animal shapes. 
Next, we cut out around St. Francis to remove the extra background; we cut it into a half-oval shape. Then we added the doves. We allowed a small part of the doves\’ wings to hang off the edge of the background. We thought that made it look more interesting. 🙂 
Above is the image of the two ornaments – the harder one and the easier one.
To make the easier ornament  you will need:
  • peach felt (hand)
  • medium brown felt (sleeve)
  • white felt (for the dove)
  • light blue felt (for the background)
Permanent Sharpie Markers:
  • red (hands)
  • light blue (for the edge of the background)
You will also need:
  • scissors
  • glue (hot glue, felt glue  or tacky glue – like this or this)
  • thread and a needle (for the looped hanger)
To create the easier ornament, cut out a hand, a rectangle (for the sleeve) and the two bird parts (the wings and body). The dove parts are shown in the parts-image for the more difficult ornament (above- third picture down) Glue the hand onto a piece of light blue felt. Add the sleeve over top of the hand\’s wrist. Add the dove diagonally from the hand. Add a red spot to the palm of the hand. Now, cut out around the hand and dove to remove any extra backgound. Use a light blue sharpie marker to make the blue outer edge on the blue felt background. 
Both ornaments were given a knotted-threaded loop to hang it.
St. Francis, pray for us!
Hope you have a blessed and joy-filled day!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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  1. I'm loving the lit orn you're sharing!!We broke out the craft stick St F decorations that we made on your inspiration last year for St F's feast day to decorate our table… love it.Sheesh how can it be a year already?This one is lovely. I have to say, we've not made any of them but in the future, I may refer back here to glean a few tips for a lit celebration or feast day.Havea great day..looking fwd to more!xo~CHris

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