I’m now offering a pack of 8 reproducible pages for you to use when you teach about the 50 States. If you use these for teaching about all of the 50 states you should end-up with a whole binder full of information!  Each set of pages can be printed off 50 or more times so you have one set for each state. (Print out as many as you need for one class or family.)  The cool and unusual part about these pages is that they are done with a Catholic twist.
Here is a page-by-page description of the set, so you can better understand what these pages are about:
The Cover
The cover page includes a map of the United States and each state’s name is written on the map. This can be used as a reference page while the kids learn the location and spelling of the states.

General Information About the State – Page 1
The first page of this set is meant to be used for each and every state. You will need to print a new page for each state you learn. The page asks for general information about the state: The capital, the population, the crops grown in the state, the state bird and tree, etc.
This information is common information which can be found in may state books including these:

Click on the images to read more about these books.

This printable page includes short prayers for the state. It also has Catholic images which accompany the topic of learning.

Map It! – Page 2
This next page is also meant to be used for each state. The child should add the abbreviation or name of all the states which they have learned up to that particular school day. They can use the cover page to help them if you like. It also has an empty flag so they can draw or add an image of the state’s flag. The extra area on the bottom of the page is for the child to draw a general outline of the state. Feel free to have them add other geographical information to the image they draw.

Famous People and Historical Events – Page 3
The “Famous People and Historical Events” pages are used to help the child remember what people or events are relevant to each state.  These can be filled out throughout the school year or whenever you discover or learn about a famous person who lived in this state, or when you learn about a historical event that occurred in the state. This page may not be large enough for some states because you will find an abundance of information, or it may be barely filled for other states, but feel free to copy as many as you need.

Places Made by God – Page 4
This page focuses on the places made by God. These areas would include the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forest, a desert, a natural bridge, a waterfall, a cave, a lake, a volcano, a mountain peak, or any other natural beauty made by God! The child can draw a picture of the area or find a photo of the area and paste it in the image box on the page. Then they can write a short description of the natural beauty.

Famous Catholic Churches and Shrines – Page 5
This page is one for you to fill in as you work through the school year. There are not a lot of famous churches and shrines in the USA, but you might be surprised at how many there are! I went to my Facebook followers for help to find some Catholic shrines and churches and they all gave wonderful suggestions. (Thank you for the help!) Several ladies recommended a great website called “Catholic Places” which has at least one famous church or shrine per state! You definitely need to see that website! It’s a goldmine for Catholic tourists or if you want to take a pilgrimage!

Famous Places Made by Man – Page 6  
Page 6 is just like page 4, except it’s meant to focus on manmade items and areas rather than ones by God. The child can find a manmade sight and draw a picture or find an image to add to the box. Then they can write a short paragraph about it.

If I could go anywhere I’d go… – Page 7
This page is the final wrap-up page. This is meant to starch the mind of the child so he/she can dream of where they would love to visit. Then they can write about where they would go and why they would go there. It also has a few other prompts to give them a chance to image!

Extra Writing – Page 8 
This page is just an extra page to use when your child wants to add extra care and attention to one of the topics you are learning about. For example, if they want to write more about the Grand Canyon then this is an extra page to write more information. They can also draw more pictures or add more photos.

 How to use these pages in your school day:
Work to your child’s speed and understanding, but I recommend (for an average 4th -6th grade child) that you do one page a day and finish a state a week.
For example, you could do page one (general information) on Monday and page two (Map It) on Tuesday. Then fill out some information on page 3 (Famous People and Events) on Wednesday. On Thursday you could work on pages 4 and 5 (God’s Awesome Sights and Famous Shrines and Churches).  On Friday you could complete Page 6 (Man Made Sights).
NOTE: If you are looking for something quicker and easier, just do the first two pages for each state. I used this set for my 5th graders, but my 2nd grader only used the first two pages and skipped the other pages.
My kids and I completed these pages using these two books HERE and HERE. We did get a little help from the internet on the famous shrines and we needed help discovering some “Sights made by God” or “Sights Made by Man”.
If you are interested in using this printable set with your kids, I have it available in my shop!
I’m only asking $1.99 for this reproducible set. 
That gives you the ability to make as many copies as you need for one class or family – for only $1.99.
God bless you all and have a joy-fulled day!

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