St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was visited by Jesus and He communicated to her his desire for the devotion to the Sacred Heart. Through her, He told us of His desired for us to go to First Friday Mass.  Her feast day is Oct. 16 on the new calendar and Oct. 17  on the traditional calendar. Read more about her on THIS page.
This ornament depicts Jesus showing his Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary. 
To make this ornament you will need:
  • light brown or peach felt
  • red felt
  • yellow felt
  • white felt (optional)
  • brown sharpie permanent marker
  • purple sharpie permanent marker
  • orange sharpie permanent marker
  • black sharpie permanent marker
  • scissors (these kind work well)
  • glue (hot glue, felt glue,  or tacky glue – like this or this)
  • needle and thread to create the looped hanger
Cut out the pieces as they are pictured above. Use a black marker to make the crown of thorns on the heart. Use a purple maker to make the shaded edge on the heart. Use an orange marker to add the extra color to the flames. Finally, add a light edge to the hand with a brown marker.
Lay out your parts onto your background so know where they will need to go. Then glue down your flames.
Add the heart over top the flames. Then, fold the three fingers back on the hand so it looks like it\’s pointing. Glue them back.

Glue down the hand so it looks like it\’s pointing to the heart.

Then cut off the extra outer edge of the tan back ground. 
~*You can stop there if you like*~

OR you can add an extra piece of white material so it look like Jesus is pulling back his shirt.

Cut out a piece of white felt like the one pictured above. Add glue along one side of the ornament.
Place the edge of the white felt onto the glue. 

Now add glue to the back of the white felt. and fold it back – in a messy kinda way – so it looks like a shirt/robe.

Now flip it back over and trim the top so the shirt and chest are both even.
Now add a threaded-loop to the top and hang it up. Be sure you find the center of weight, one side will be a little heavier then the other.
If you are trying to fulfill your First Friday devotion you may like THIS post:
St. Margaret Mary, pray for us!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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