Isaac Jogues, was a Jesuit priest, missionary and martyr who worked among the native Indians in North America.  Jogues and his assistant, Rene Goupi, were torture by some Iroquois. Among other horrible acts of mistreatment, Isaac Jogues had two fingers removed. He eventually escaped, but was later martyred. He is one of \”The North American Martyrs\”.
His feast day is October 19. Read more about him HERE.
To make this ornament you will need:
  • white or off-white felt
  • light blue felt
  • tan felt
  • blue permanent sharpie marker
  • brown permanent sharpie marker
  • scissors (these kind work well)
  • glue (hot glue, felt glue,  or tacky glue – like this or this)
  • needle and thread for the looped hanger
First cut out two hands. The easiest way to make hands it to cut out a hand which as all the fingers together and then cut down between the fingers to separate them. 
Also cut out a host. Using a brown marker, add a cross. Cut out a light blue piece of felt to use as the background. Be sure to cut off two fingers on his right hand. (Ya, it feels wrong – I know.)
Glue down the host and hands so it looks like the host is being held by the hands.

If you wish, make a few sleeves for the hands and glue them down. 
Also cut out around the hands and host – remove the extra blue background.
Use the blue marker to add a border to the blue background.
Now add a threaded loop to the top to hang it up.
St. Isaac Jogues, pray for us.
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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