Today, I wanted to share a number of “people pattern” printables. I’ve already done a number of posts on my blog which include using people patterns. These projects include a Prayer Chain of People, the God’s Will Art Project, as well as, the St. Patrick Art Project, and the Guardian Angel Page, etc. These all used the same “people patterns”. So I thought I’d collect all the “people patterns” together on this post so you can find, make, and use of all the patterns together.

These patterns are so versatile that they are perfect for countless projects:
  • homemade cards
  • art projects
  • bulletin boards
  • people chains (staple or tape together – hand-in-hand)
  • group projects
Make them into:
  • regular people
  • saints
  • religious (priest, bishops, pope, nuns)
  • historical people
  • family and friends
Here is our St. Patrick Art Project:

 Here are a few pictures of our Prayer Chain project:
God’s Will Art Project:
The People Patterns which are available include:

Simple people patterns:
  • Dress or Robe (no face)
  • Dress or Robe (with face)
  • Pants (no face)
  • Pants (with face)
Prefer smaller people?
  • Mini Set – with faces
  • Mini Set – without faces
Other Patterns:
  • Bishop
  • Pope
  • Angels (with faces)
  • Angels (without faces)

All these patterns are available for free in our Shop!

I had planned several upcoming projects that will refer back to these sheets, but feel free to use them in the meantime!
God bless.

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