My little Naomi, had the hardest time deciding who to dress as for All Saints day. I was very surprised when she finally decided on St. Catherine of Siena – but what a cute little Saint Catherine she is!
To create this costume we used:
  • white robe – like THIS 
  • white veil which was just a small sheet
  • white string – we used a shoe string
  • rosary
  • mock turtle neck
  • grapevine wreath – just big enough for her head
  • washable marker for her hands (stigmata) 

I personally thought that getting the wreath was the worst part of make this costume. I had to find just the right wreath for her to wear – so she felt comfortable. St. Catherine wore a crown of thorns, but even a grapevine wreath can be a bit uncomfortable. So take your little one to the store with you when you go and test them out. 
The rosary was looped through her waist string.

The washable red marker was used to make the stigmata.
And my little lady – made one silly little saint! Unlike St. Clare she was NOT camera shy!
St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your little angel, I mean little Saint Clare 🙂 Her costume was perfect. You did a great job and so as your little one. God bless.

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