Creating a  Liturgical Ornament for All Saints day proved to be a little more challenging than I thought it would be. I just had a mental block trying to come up with an easy way to depict ALL the saints in heaven, so I just created the gates of heaven and the symbols of the Holy Trinity – because when the saints enter heaven they are finally able to see God\’s full glory for the first time.
To create this you will need:
  • yellow felt — with glitter*
  • white felt — with glitter*
  • plain white felt
  • brown felt
  • scissors (these kind work well)
  • glue (hot glue, felt glue,  or tacky glue – like this or this)
  • a needle and thread for the looped hanger
  • Glitter glue — *if you can\’t get glitter felt you can use glitter glue on the felt and wait for it to dry. We used gold and silver glitter glue
Cut out the parts for the cross, dove and crown. The crown is in two pieces so it looks more 3-D, but you can make one (2-D) if it\’s easier for you. Cut out the gate from yellow felt and cut a piece of white felt big enough for the gate and Trinity symbols. If you don\’t have glitter felt, you may like to cover the crown, gate, and white background with glitter glue. We used gold on the yellow pieces and silver on the white. Spread it around with your finger, popsicle stick, or paint brush. Allow all the glitter to dry before moving on to the next step.
Glue the gate onto the white background. Over-top of the gate add the Trinity symbols. We added gold glitter glue around the cross and dove (mostly because the dove was kinda hidden on the white background.). After that drys, cut out around the gate and make a cloud-like top above the Trinity. 
Now add the threaded-loop hanger to the top. 
You may also like to make the All Souls Ornament – Click here
God Bless,
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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