St. Martin of Tours is the patron of  beggars, against poverty; reformed alcoholics; France; horses; riders; soldiers; tailors; wine growers; wine makers. His feast day is November 11th (new and traditional).  He was the Bishop of Tours and he had such a kind heart toward the poor.  If you don\’t know about the story of St. Martin\’s cloak read about it HERE.  
To make this you will need:
  • light brown felt
  • gray felt
  • red felt
  • string or ribbon for the cloak neck (we used red embroidery thread – knotted at both ends of both parts)
  • black permanent sharpie marker
  • scissors (these kind work well)
  • glue (hot glue, felt glue,  or tacky glue – like this or this)
  • thread and needle for the looped hanger
Cut out the parts like those above. We used a black marker to make the detail on the cloak and sword. Glue the strings to the back of the cloak collar- one part on each side. (Remember, you may need to knot the ends of the string/ribbon to keep it from fraying) Glue the cloak onto the brown background. Allow a non-glued area so you can add the sword. If you forget, just cut off the sword tip, as needed. Now stick the sword into the cloak-rip and glue it down.  Cut off the extra edge of the brown background and add the threaded loop to the top for hanging. 
St. Martin of Tours, pray for us.
~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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