Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated on December 12th.  I already posted a St. Juan Diego ornament. This one is a wonderful compliment to that ornament! If you want to know more about Our Lady of Guadalupe CLICK HERE.
To make this ornament you will need:
  • teal felt 
  • red felt
  • black felt
  • yellow felt
  • tan or peach felt
  • blue permanent fine-point maker
  • orange permanent fine-point marker
  • red glitter glue
  • gold glitter glue
  • scissors (these kind work well)
  • glue (hot glue, felt glue,  or tacky glue – like this or this)
  • thread and needle for the looped hanger
Cut out the parts like those above.
Add the back of the veil to the \”sun\”. Then add the red dress.
Now add her head. Next, add the arms and praying hands. We out lined the arms with a blue marker, so they could be seen easier. 
Add the thinner black strip to her waist. Then fold the other black strip in half and glue it to her belt, so it looks like it\’s tied. 
Add her outer veil so it covers all the edges of the inner parts. Then glue down the moon at her feet. 

Now add simple, small, orange rays around Mary with the orange marker. Add gold glitter glue to the inner edge of her veil and add gold dots to make \”stars\”.  Add red glitter glue around the outer edge of the \”sun\”. Let that dry.
When it\’s dry add a threaded loop to make a hanger.
There you have it!  🙂
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!
May God bless you all with joy!
~Jennifer and Elizabeth
Did you miss the St. Juan Diego ornament?

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