It has been a fun filled Advent for our kids as they watched our Wandering Wise Men search for the infant Jesus! They are continuing the search for Jesus during this Christmas Season and they don’t have much time left!

I began this family tradition 3 years ago and we have been enjoying it every year since then! If you are not familiar with this activity CLICK HERE to read last years post about it.

Today, I want to share a few of the ADVENTures these guy have had. I’m not posting about every day, but these are a few adventures which we really enjoyed:
Trouble in the seed bucket!
One morning we found them checking out the bucket full the sunflower seeds which we grew in our garden. If you think Caspar is missing, he’s not. He fell into the bucket and is buried in the seeds… do you see him?
The next morning we found them helping Caspar get out of the bucket. But how did Mr. Camel get in there? O boy! Now they need to get him out, too!
Adding some Christmas flare to the old Thanksgiving decor!
Caspar and his friends climbed down and added a star to our old Thanksgiving pumpkin. Thankfully he avoided adding a mustache to himself!
Taking a walk in the flower pots:
Guess it was a nice night for a stroll!
 Balthazar is riding Mr. Camel, Melchior is riding the bunny and….
Caspar is hanging from the branch of the flowering azalea! He almost looks like a flower!
Under the sofa?
All three (and Mr. Camel) are checking out the area under the sofa. All they could find were dust bunnies. They thought the dust bunnies could help. Melchior had just made friends with the other bunny (above) so he thought he’d try to talk to these mini fur-balls.
Going door to door:
Nope, no one’s home!
In the math blocks? 
Some of my kids think there could never be anything of value in a box of math blocks. 😉 After a long search, the wise men agreed, but I’d never tell my kids that! 🙂
Among the science “show and tell” items? 
Nope, still no luck!
Are they looking in the puzzle or are they distracted by the puzzle? I’m not sure…
Maybe they started looking, but I think they are now playing. Well, we all need some time to relax.
Caspar is burying himself in the puzzle pieces.
And Balthazar and Melchior are putting the puzzle together. Maybe they think the completed puzzle holds a clue! After all, kings live in castles, right?
Searching the manger-crib: 
Nice idea to search the manger, but it they must have gotten stuck!
The next morning they were found trying to escape from the hay filled box.
Getting a bird’s eye view:
Climbing to get a better view, but still no luck.
Searching the stars: 
♫..♪.. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket ♪..♫ .. Nope… not here.
Candy craving? 
Are they searching a cup of leftover candy or are they just hungry?
Mr. Camel looks hungry and Caspar is playing golf!!
♫ Do you see what I see? ♪
They were found using our handy magnifying glass to check out the star on the outdoor nativity.
♪ Do you hear what I hear? ♫
I think they are listening to a few Christmas carols. I wander if they hear the one about the “star of wonder”. 😉
Breaking into Jesus Birthday Cake!
Are they hungry or getting desperate!?
Here is a close-up of Jesus birthday cake. Looks yummy!
A cry for help!
I think they may be losing hope! Hang in there guys!
The Epiphany is just around the corner!! 🙂
I’m sure the wise men were thrilled when they found the baby Jesus, but my kids are never happy to know the search is over and the wisemen are packed away till next Advent.

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This link-up will run from now till January 12th. Please feel free to add any posts that include your Wise Men and what they have been doing as they search for the infant Jesus!
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