Here is a fun and simple craft I made with my kids on a snowy day. We discussed the Holy Trinity and we also talked about the Sign of the Cross.
We used the snowman as a symbol of the Trinity. The snowman is three part in one person, like the Blessed Trinity.
I also tried to add a little bit of symbolism to the snowman:
  1. Top ball: crown – symbol for God the father
  2. Middle ball: red scarf – Red for Jesus blood
  3. Bottom ball: pure white – symbol of a white dove (Holy Spirit)

For Printable Instructions Click Here

To make this craft you will need:
  • 3 white styrofoam balls – we used:
    1.9 inch (48mm)
    1.4 inch (35mm)
    0.9 inch (22mm)
  • 4 inch strip of red felt
  • 2 inch strip of yellow felt
  • 2 round toothpicks
  • orange marker
  • black sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • white glue — if needed or desired
Cut your red felt strip so it looks like a scarf. We added fringes to the ends. We cut the yellow felt to make a crown. My kids thought the crown was cute! 🙂
Flatten the bottom of the largest ball. No need to cut it, just press on it to flatten it. You can push it onto a table top to help flatten it, too. This will allow the snowman to stand.
Using a toothpick connect the balls together. We used half a toothpick between each of the balls. If the child makes the hole to big (often because of wiggling it or because of multiple attempts) You can add a bit of white glue to the hole to help keep it together.

After all the parts are together, sit him on a table and press down on his head and stomach so all the parts are better pressed together and feel more stable.

Use an orange marker to add color to the tip of a toothpick. Break off the tip and use it to make the snowman’s nose.
Use a black sharpie maker to make the eyes and mouth. This may need to be done by an adult, depending on the age of the child.
While holding down the head of the snowman – so it doesn’t fall off – wrap the scarf around his neck. If you desire you can glue the scarf down, but the styrofoam often just holds it anyway.  Then, add the crown, you may still need to hold down his head while adding the crown.
We displayed our snowmen on our table for a few days! Aren’t they cute!
The kids also ate some white/vanilla cotton candy for a fun snowman treat! 🙂

It was some great crafting and learning fun!
Click Here for printable instructions.
May God (all 3 in 1) bless you with joy!

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