Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for entering our download giveaway!
We received over 750 entries on the Raffleopter and our 7 lucky winners are:

  1.  Kristina A.
  2.  Lisa T.
  3.  Mel M.
  4.  Jennifer Z.
  5.  Sonja C.
  6.  Jen L. (No this is not me, contrary to what my daughter says! )
  7.  Maryann S.
Our winners have all been emailed. Some of  the winners have already responded and are enjoying their prizes!!
I hope you all enjoyed this giveaway as much as I did!
God Bless!


  1. Dear Jennifer, Thank you for sending the prize downloads. Thank you for hosting this Beautiful giveaway! I am really hoping to have a productive Lent-Easter journey with kids and hubby this year and your ideas will surely help. BTW, is it just me (or I must've read it from your past blog posts) that you are having abdominal problem lately? How are you doing? I am putting you in my prayer list (especially in my rosary everyday). Hope you will include me in your prayer list too. Just had a mast in my ovary with its twisted tube removed in Dec 26th. Recovering pretty good now. I am really hopeful to give my 2 boys more siblings.

  2. Hi Mel! Yes, I did/do have abdominal problems. I've had female-related gut problems since I was 11 years old, which increased massively about 6 years ago. Three years ago I ended up getting a partial hysterectomy. January 2014, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and August 2014 I had my last ovary removed. So I now started menopause. It's been a long road, but through it all I was amazed to be able to have my 9 beautiful babies! 🙂 I thank God for each of them and I'm so thrilled that I was able to have so many before my hysterectomy. Since the last surgery in August I'm doing much better (aside from my hot-flashes). I'm sad that I'm no longer able to have children, but I'm thankful I now feel more like a whole-mom to the children I do have. 🙂 You will surly be in my prayers. May St. Gerard pray over you and intercede for you. May you recover quickly and may you be able to add even more joy to your home. Thank you for all your prayers. Take care of yourself.(((HUGS)))

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