My sister playfully laughs at how often we make cupcakes at our house. It’s true. On special days we do tend to make cupcakes. It’s just an easy treat that all my kids love. Plus, they are easy to divvy out among a large group of kids. So we like to create and decorate cupcakes the day before a feast day. Then we display them in our glass cake dome till we eat them the evening of the feast day. They serve as a feast day decoration and dessert! How cool is that! 😉
Here is an example of the cupcakes we are making for St. Valentine’s Day.
I created other cupcake toppers for past St. Valentine’s days, but these are new this year. Just print them off, cut them out, and tape a toothpick to the back. Then stick them into a cupcake for a fun easy display and treat!
These toppers are available for free in our Download Shop.

See ALL our St. Valentine’s Day downloads HERE:

I also wanted to tell you that I’m amazed at the positive feedback I received on the Saint Symbol necklaces and other jewelry which I’m now creating for my Etsy shop! Because the response was so good I hired my oldest daughter, Rachel, to help manufacture them!
I have listed over 5 new items, including St. Ann and St. Rita, and I have over 15 more (including St. Dorothy, Miraculous Medal, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Kateri, and more!)  sitting on my desk waiting for their photo-shoot so they too can be listed on Catholic Inspired Etsy!
Thank you for all the comments, emails, and private messages, which all included kind words and encouragement! I wasn’t sure if you all would like these as much as we do, but I’m amazed at the number of orders and Special Orders I’ve received, so it appears you all really do like them! Thank you so much!
Have a blessed and joyful day!


  1. Wow, I had no idea you were making such gorgeous medals in your etsy shop! I've been perusing over there— they're so unique! Wow…… Now is a time I wish I had girls as well as boys so I could buy those necklaces. Will def keep them in mind for a special occasion. I still have your cupcakes toppers printed from last year! They were a hit and we're using them again. Red velvet cake with white frosting and the toppers! Thank you again for sharing your efforts with us.Thanks Jen!! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Chris! Thank you!! Maybe granddaughters? But you don't want to think about that yet!! :-)Glad you are enjoying the toppers!! Have a blessed St. Valentine's day!! ♥♥♥

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