Sts. Perpetua and Felicity’s feast day is March 7th. These two saints were unlikely friends, one wealthy and the other a slave, but both were strong in their faith! They were martyred together around the year 203. St. Perpetua wrote a diary of their stay in prison and so we have a fair amount to information on them.
Read about them HERE. There is also a wonderful video available called: “Catholic Heroes of the Faith: The Story of Saint Perpetua”. This cartoon video is a fairly true story of these amazing women, so some parents might consider it to be a bit graphic – for a cartoon. But all in all it’s a great video!

In honor of this special day my oldest daughter Rachel, (pen name: Rachel Maybeth) has created a coloring page, which she wanted to share with all of you.

The above picture is her drawing and she used watercolor paints to add all the beautiful colors to the drawing.
This is a peek at the coloring page.
Have a blessed day!


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