When my oldest two daughters were about 7 years old, my sister, a few other ladies, and I organized a Little Flowers Girls Club at our parish. Oh, we had such fun! But over the course of time the members all fell away for various reasons and the club meetings happened less often. Eventually they stopped all together.  My girls really enjoyed those meeting so as my younger girls grew to the right age I longed to join another Little Flowers Club with them.
I had recently discovered two groups within an hour of our home however both had meeting times that just wouldn’t work. I was so upset.
While I was still struggling with whether or not I should try to join one of these groups, I was approached by my cousins, who asked if I was interested in helping them organize a new group. (They were having the same problems as me.) I jumped at the chance! 🙂

So that means I’ll be posting about our Little Flowers activities which we will be doing! Yay!! How cool is that!

What is a Little Flowers Girls’ Club?

Before I continue, I want to give a little background on this wonderful Catholic club! It’s designed for girls ages 5 and up. While it’s similar in design to Girl Scouts, it’s made for Catholic girls. It’s meant to be a mother and daughter club. The girls are able to get together and learn about saints and virtues from the moms! I know some groups have a single leader and don’t include the mothers, and that’s okay, but I love how this program encourages the mother/parent to work with the girls to earn the badge. It’s a wonderful bonding challenge for the mothers and daughters!

This is not a religion course, but it teaches girls about the saints and virtues. It reinforces prayer, kind actions, and good manners. When the girls are able to see other girls who are attempting to grow in faith, it encourages them as they travel on their journey of faith!

Visit Behold Publications to learn more: HERE

So as we begin our new Little Flowers Girls’ Club adventure, I thought I’d take the time to share the items I bought to help us take the first few steps. This is just a little information for anyone who is thinking of buying some of these items or starting a new LF group, too.

Vests and Sashes

Of course the girls all needed a vest or a sash. I had bought sashes for my older two girls – many years ago at our first LF club. Rachel and Rebekah had often complained that the sashes didn’t stay in place, so I thought I’d go ahead and try the vests this time. The vests seem fine for my smaller girls. perhaps a little bulky, but my younger girls are small in stature.  On the other hand, Elizabeth (11 years old) thought the vest was too tight.  She has a hard time taking it off. I may decide to buy her a large sash to replace the vest. She tried on her older sisters’ sashes (They are the large deluxe) and that fit her well.

Since I have 3 (possibly 4) girls with matching vests. I wanted to be able to tell which vest belonged to whom. So I added a decorative button to the inside bottom corner of the vest. My daughters picked out a button they liked from my button jar and I sewed it on.  Now we can easily avoid a mix-up! 🙂 When my older two daughters had matching sashes I ironed their names on the inside of the sash with iron-on letters. That worked well, too!

The Books:
First, I bought a Member’s Book (Wreath I) for each of my girls. This book is the Member’s guide so the girls can follow along and see what saints and virtues they will be learning about. It also gives the list of requirements that the girls can complete to earn the badges. Using a permanent marker, we wrote the name of the owner on the bottom outside cover, so we could easily tell who owns the book.

Since my sister already owned the Leader’s Guide (from our previous LF club), we did not order this book. But I highly recommend that at least one mom-member of the club has the book to help guide the group.

My sister already owned the Craft Book for Wreath I from our previous LF Club, too. While we did use this to help inspire us years ago, we did not use it a lot. This was mainly because we created crafts of our own which were not in this book. If you are not a crafty person and have no idea what to do, then you may want to buy this book for the group to share.

I also ordered the Ceremony and Prayer Handbook book. This seems like a handy book to help us with all sorts of ceremonies – from badge ceremonies to May Crownings! I’m sure I’ll be making use of this!

I decided to purchase the Tea and Luncheon Manual book because (as some of my followers may recall) we have a Marian Tea party at our house every May. So I thought our club could join us this coming May! I thought perhaps this book might have some ideas to help us along! I’ll let you know when we start planning for this!

The Virtue Stories book seems to be a cute book with sweet stories to help the girls understand the virtues. While I’m not sure exactly how we plan to use this book yet, I’m sure it will fit in nicely some how. I’ll let you know how we decide to use it!


Well, this is our start to this new Little Flowers adventure!! I know my girls are looking forward to it! Hope you will enjoy the upcoming Little Flowers Club posts! I hope they will be useful for those who are planning Little Flower meets, as well as, those who are just looking for fun activities to do and/or create!

God’s Blessing!

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  1. I would love to have a Little Flowers club near me. This looks like so much fun! Good luck with the group.

  2. Awesome! Did you know that the Girl Scouts also have some things similar to this? There is a Marian award that is pretty cool. Keep up the great job! A Catholic School Teacher

  3. How beautifully you laid out the Little Flowers Girls' Club information! I, too, organized a group when my eldest daughter was younger – it was so much fun!My youngest daughter just turned twelve and has been involved in another girls group…but I really would love her to be in this type of club setting, too.All the best with your adventure! 🙂

  4. This is one of the best explanations/descriptions of LF that I've read. Thanks!

  5. Each of my 4 girls were Little Flowers. They loved it!

  6. We have a group at our parish, and I'm waiting to see what our girls will decide they want to do with their 'activity' choice for the school year. Little Flowers seems like it would be a great option!

  7. Thanks for the info, wanting to start a Little Flowers next year.

  8. I have never heard of this before but I love it. I have a 20 month old who I would love to do this with some day.

  9. I've heard a little about the Little Flowers Club and your explanation has definitely intrigued me! Thanks for sharing about it!

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