Hi, everyone! How is your Advent going? I hope well! Ours is just as busy as always! I had promised to post about our Little Flowers Girl’s Club meetings. We have had three meetings now and I still haven’t posted any of them! Well, I’m going to jump to our third meeting and post about it since it was all centered around Our Lady of Guadalupe. I thought you might be more interested in seeing this now than in a month – just because it’s Our Lady’s Feast day!

Our meeting started out with a adorable on-the-spot play of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. No prep or planning, just a fun spontaneous acting. The play was acted out by our club’s oldest member who was Our Lady of Guadalupe. The other parts were done by some of the Little Flowers’ older siblings. A simple story was read and the kids just acted out what was being read. They had no practice, nor did they read the story beforehand. It made for a funny and easy activity! The Little Flowers all LOVED it!

I prepared the costumes before the meeting. The only fancy costume was Our Lady’s. This is the costume which I created as an All Saint’s Day costume for Rebekah a few years ago. See it HERE. Juan Diego’s Costume was just a sombrero and a raggy piece of material for his tilma. The other costumes were simple robes, and pieces of cloth. It was a very simplistic activity, but boy did they all enjoy it!  I printed out an image of Our Lady to put on the tilma. I stuck velcro on the back of the image so it would cling to the material that we used for the tilma. Then during the play, Our Lady secretly placed it on Juan’s tilma as she “arranged” the roses. Surprise! There it was when Juan showed the roses to the bishop!

After the play the girls made the Liturgical Ornament of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This took a little prep-time, but it was well worth it! My mother and Elizabeth helped to cut the pieces out. We laid them out to be sure we had all the pieces for each one and then I bagged them up in little baggies so I could easily pass them out to the girls.

Note the coffee cup in the picture!! Totally need that! So don’t forget it!

I did decide to add the gold and red glitter fabric paint to Mary’s veil and the sun before the meeting. I thought about having the girls do this themselves but I thought it would be less stressful for the moms if this was done beforehand.

All of the Little Flowers’ had a great time making these! They all turned out so beautifully!

After that, we all had a snack and had a great time talking and playing together. Perfect party and meeting!

Have a blessed Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!!

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  1. Jennifer,Beautiful and I just love the toppers and the felt ornaments! Will be saving for next year's celebration for sure! Hope you are having a blessed Advent!

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