Here is a cute, easy craft that my 4-year-old, Caleb, just LOVED!! He has been helping me to create these displays and has been giving me all of his thoughts on what he felt should be improved upon! Now it’s been given his seal of approval and is ready to go! And believe me, Caleb is my worst critic!

Perfect for all ages!
Caleb enjoyed coloring these, as well as, cutting them out and creating the displays! The cutting lines are extra wide so little hands can easily cut right into the dark, thick, edges. Little ones may need help folding the tomb display, but it’s easy enough to fold and create for most children, ages 6 and up.
How to use these displays:
After assembling the displays, place them in a nice spot but hide the 2 Jesus and angel figures.
On Good Friday, sometime after 3:00 PM – but before dark, * “roll-away” the stone and place the wrapped “Jesus” into the tomb. The wrapped Jesus will remain in the tomb on Holy Saturday.
The night before Easter, Mom or Dad may “roll-away” the stone and take out the wrapped Jesus. Add the Resurrected Jesus and the Angel to the area in front of the tomb. This will be a fun surprise for the kids on Easter Morning!
*If it works better for the family, the kids can replace the wrapped Jesus with the Resurrected Jesus Sunday Morning.
*Why bury Jesus after 3:00 PM but before dark?
The Bible tells us that Jesus died at 3:00 pm and the Jewish Sabbath started at sundown on Friday night. So Jesus’ followers would have buried him after 3:00 but before the Sabbath began since they were not allowed to work on the Sabbath. Jesus was buried in a hurry, that’s why the women came back Sunday morning with spices to anoint Jesus! They were unable to anoint his body Friday night.
Hope you enjoy it!

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