Start a new Advent tradition or expand the Advent Saint Set from last year!

Last year we sold a download which included instructions and images for you to create Advent Saint Ornaments. This year we wanted to expand our set! This new set is a great way to honor some of the other saints who have feast days during Advent as well as celebrate some of the Feast days of the Christmas Season!

This PDF includes beautiful images that depict 13 Advent/Christmas Season Saints or other Feast days which are celebrated during the Advent and Christmas season. Each ornament image has the name and feast day clearly written below the image. These images are about 3 by 2 inches in size.

The images for these ornaments:
  • — St. Andrew – Nov 30
  • — Juan Diego – Dec 9
  • — Pope Gregory III – Dec 10
  • — St. Damasus I – Dec 11
  • — Solemnity of the Nativity – Dec 25
  • — St. Stephen- Dec 26
  • — St. John the Apostle – Dec 27
  • — Feast of the Holy Innocents – Dec. 28
  • — Feast of Holy Family – Sunday after Christmas
  • — Mary Mother of God – Jan 1
  • — The Epiphany – Jan 6
  • — St. Francis and St. Clare with Baby Jesus
  • — First Nativity Recreation

How to create your own…
This PDF also includes complete instructions to teach you how to create your own set of ornaments! After printing this PDF, you will need 4 -5 sheets of felt, Mod-Podge, and fabric paint.

The images can be printed onto heavy paper. Cut them out. Then, add a hook and just use them with no extra work! Super easy!

How to use them…
In the evening, before the saint’s feast day, we read a short story or children’s book about the saint. Then one of our kids hangs the saint’s ornament on our Advent Tree. This allows the children to see the ornament all day on this saint’s feast day!
Our children thoroughly enjoyed this and are looking forward to this newly expanded activity again this Advent!!  Care to join us in this activity, too?
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COPYRIGHT INFORMATION:  Purchasing this download allows you to make paper copies of this activity for a single class or family. This is not meant to be used for profit and should not be distributed outside of a single family or class. Please, contact us if you have any questions about the use of this activity or if you would like to ask permission to use it beyond the copyright rules.
Your purchase enables us to continue making more activities for you to enjoy!
Thank you and God bless!

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