As many of you know, JenMarie and I have a growing online Catholic jewelry business. It started small but didn’t stay so small! Through this, God has certainly blessed us and our whole family (and our children’s orthodontist)! More importantly, it’s been a blessing for us to provide necklaces, bracelets, and bangles to families all over the world. And it’s more than just a medal and chain. Far more! We are blessed to be involved in important times in people’s lives: the birth of a child, baptism, marriage, Confirmations, First Communions, fighting cancer, the death of a loved one, and so much more! We are extremely grateful to all of you who have allowed us to provide jewelry during these very important times in their lives! THANK YOU!


At times, we have not been able to provide an item that has been asked of us. We don’t want to let people down and never like disappointing anyone! One of the requests that we had received MANY times was for a tiny St. Cecilia medal. While we certainly could provide larger size ones, smaller sized ones were not available to us. We had to tell many of you “no” because it was one that we could not provide…until now! Working with our supplier, we were able to have one produced in Italy exclusively for Catholic Inspired! We waited for 4 months while they were created! We had high hopes for how they would turn out and we were not disappointed! Wow! Very nice craftsmanship!

Please check out our shop to see these beautiful medals! If you are looking for something unique for a loved one or friend who loves music or is a musician, then please consider this since St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music, especially church music, as well as musicians, singers, composers, instrument makers, and poets. She is also the patron saint of the blind.

And now that we have this new tiny St. Cecilia medal in our armory of medals, we can use it to create all kinds of custom designs, too! We can add it to a bangle, put other charms with it, and make it fit your personal taste! We currently only have one shop listing with this medal but we will be adding more designs. If you want to personalize this, feel free to contact Jennifer!

To commemorate this, we are offering a 10% discount on EVERYTHING in our shop from Nov. 22, 2017, until the end of the day on Nov. 28th, 2017!
Please use the coupon code: CECILIA10

Enjoy and God bless!
Also, please comment below on what other tiny medals you are interested in! We’d love to know who we should create next!

Thank you and God Bless!
— Jonathan Lawrence


  1. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful marriage you two have–working together, supporting each other! My mother makes wedding cakes. She always prays for the bride and groom as she makes their cake. I would bet when you make the jewelry to order, you are thinking of the person and the occasion for that person as well. It is a beautiful thing!

  2. Tiny immaculate medals would be great, as well as Saint Theresa of Calcutta and finally, St Padre Pio?

  3. Thank you! Jon and I have been truly blessed in so many things! I could not do what I do without him! As I work, I do pray for the receivers of our items. I also keep a running list of the prayer request that I have received. I've even been blessed to receive up dates from some who tell me about how their prayers have been answered by God! Those stories are always so uplifting!

  4. Thank you!! I actually do have St. Pio in the small size!! Yay! I have him in two designs – oval and round.I think Saint Theresa of Calcutta could be one of the future saint medals we try to create! She has been requested a number of times!I'll add Jesus and Mary's Hearts to our list. I do have them in charm form! :)Thank you so much for your thoughts!!God bless.

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